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Production of goo brand`s promise movie

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On March 27th 2017, the 20th anniversary of NTT Resonant Co., Ltd.`s “goo” brand, we have produced a promotional video.

Appreciations and greetings from goo`s 20th anniversary – i Promise -

We have produced Real-Time Rendering Autostereoscopic Game

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We have created a shooting game with Unity for an autostereoscopic(also known as auto-3D or glasses-free 3D) LCD monitor.
Stereoscopic graphics in the 4K large display, gives a very realistic depth-feel, which brings you a whole new gaming experience.

Autostereoscopic LCD by ABIC Co., Ltd.
We uploaded a 360-degree video version of our autostereoscopic game.
If you have Google Cardboard or Hacosco, you can install the youtube application on your smartphone and enjoy the 360-degree video with the cardboard function of the application.

Hololens App development in progress

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We have made a demo of Mixed Reality work assistance tool.
Combining the Hololens and Vuforia for image recognition, this demo shows you where to put the puzzle piece that you are holding.
It may not seem very exciting, but we introduce this demo as an efficient way to use Mixed Reality headset.
If you would like to see this demo, please contact us!

Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

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We appreciate for all your support and encouragement in the past year.

We will continue to offer amazing contents with the latest technologies like VR, MR, and AR, using our know-how of video production and computer graphics that we have cultivated for 30 years.
We look forward to working with you again this year!

Our company’s work was posted on CG WORLD vol.219.

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Our company’s work for the movie “Higanjima” was posted on “VFX Anatomy” of “CGWORLD vol.219 November”.

Information about our 30th Anniversary Items

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Thanks to all your supports, we have reached our 30th anniversary.
We have created Euphonic’s 30th anniversary items with our daily gratitude for our customers.
If you are interested please contact us at
Because the supplies are limited, contact us as soon as possible!

30th anniversary T-shirts.
We have 2 types of logo, and 3 colors (charcoal / black / gray) available.

Production of the Applibot, Inc.’s general meeting of employees opening video

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We have produced an opening video for the Applibot, Inc.’s general meeting of employees.
We made a short story focusing on a little robot character, who tries to learn new things by watching the employees work.
At the end of the story, the robot character accomplishes to make a new logo for the company.
For the climax scene, we mixed computer graphics and live footage of the assembly hall.

Applibot, Inc.’s homepage

Production of a presentation video for the Goo’s Smartphone “g06” press release

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The 6th generation of goo’s SIM free smartphone, “g06” was released from NTT Resonant Inc. September 6th 2016.
We produced a presentation video for it’s press release.

“g06” is a 4-inch compact size, low price LTE Smartphone, with so many variations in color!
We have made the video in a vigorous tone, using 3D computer graphics.

To read more about Goo Smartphone “go5″

Tatsuo Miyajima Solo Exhibition “Life and Death – Light of Life” to be presented at KIRISHIMA OPEN-AIR MUSEUM

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PLEXUS and EUPHONIC had been collaborated with Tatsuo Miyajima for the past 4 years supporting the new video works “Counter Skin”, which will finally be revealed at the Solo Exhibition starting at KIRISHIMA OPEN-AIR MUSEUM, from October 7th, 2016.
This visual art piece “Counter Skin” is a completely new series of works from Tatsuo Miyajima, which contains 6 multiple screens projected on a 28 meter width gigantic wall screen simultaneously. EUPHONC supported the digital effects, and PLEXUS worked on the Visual/Audio editing and engineering. PLEXUS also supported the up conversion of the images taken from the actual video for the Flyer and Poster art works.
Tatsuo Miyajima’s new challenge starts by presenting his latest works in the domestic museum for the first time in the past 6 years.

※Computer Generated Simulation of the actual presentation

Tatsuo Miyajima Solo Exhibition “LIFE and DEATH -Light of Life” Flyer Download.
▶︎Download the PDF Flyer

KIRISHIMA OPEN-AIR MUSEUM Tatsuo Miyajima Solo Exhibition Website

Tatsuo Miyajima Studio Official Website

【Exhibition Information】
Venue:Kirishima Open-Air Museum Art Hall
Holding period:2016/10/07 〜 2016/12/04
Museum closed on Mondays
(if Monday is a public holiday, the museum will be closed the day after)
Viewing time:9:00-17:00(entry until 16:30)
Admission fee:Adults 800(600) yen High sch. Students 600(400) yen Mid., Elem.sch. Students 400(300)

【Related Event】
【Opening Ceremony】October 7th(Fri), from 14:00-
【Artist Talk】 October 7th(Fri), from 14:30-
【Gallery Talk】(from the curators)
Talk 1 October 22nd(Sat), from 13:30-
Talk 2 November 5th(Sat), from 13:30-
Talk 2 November 12th(Sat), from 13:30-
Talk 2 December 3rd(Sat), from 13:30-
【Workshop】(from curators) 20 places available, reservations essentia.
October 29th(Sat), from 13:30- and November 26th(Sat), from 13:30-
fee: ¥300

We will create Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality contents, for Hololens, Project Tango, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and more.

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We are now prepared to develop contents for head-mounted displays; Hololens, Project Tango, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and etc.
We especially recommend the Hololens, because it enables the users to see things in a new way, mixed reality.
Mixed reality can be used in various fields, and can be used in so many ways.

We are also ready to rebuild our existing AR contents, that are mainly designed for mobile devices, so that they can be used in the HMDs.
Hands-free AR brings new experiences, which goes far beyond the AR in mobile devices, with significant changes in the usability.
Please feel free to contact us about developing and producing MR and VR contents.


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