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CG production of the movie “Higanjima Deluxe”

Author: admin, Category: ComputerGraphics

“Higanjima Deluxe(彼岸島 デラックス)” is coming to the Shinjuku Piccadilly and other theaters all around Japan, on October 15th 2016.
We have participated in parts of the Computer Graphics production.

Here is a trailer of the movie on Youtube.

© 2016 “Higanjima” Production Committee

Toys”R”Us “Kazasu Camera” Marine Adventure VR

Author: admin, Category: AR

With Toys”R”Us Japan, we have planed and produced “Toys R Us Marine Adventure VR”.
A virtual reality game which can be played in the Toys”R”Us and Babies”R”Us’s official app “Kazasu Camera(かざすカメラ)”, from July 15th to August 16th 2016.

We have created it for use in Hacosco Monocular Lens VR headset, considering it to be used by small children.

AR mode starts up when the camera detects the cover page of “Toy Catalog / Summer TOY Festival 2016.

Water shoots out from the catalog and forms a sea. Then a submarine appears.

When you gaze at the start button in front of the submarine, it will change to VR mode!
In VR mode, you will explore an undersea world in the submarine.

When you gaze at the ocean animals, informations about that animal will show up.

Deep in the sea, Toys”R”Us castle awaits you.

In Toys”R”Us castle, there are lots of toy informations specially selected from the 2016 catalog!
Please take a time to experience the “Toys R Us Marine Adventure VR” during your summer vacation.

Toys”R”Us and Babies”R”Us’s official app “Kazasu Camera(かざすカメラ)”