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Information about our 30th Anniversary Items

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Thanks to all your supports, we have reached our 30th anniversary.
We have created Euphonic’s 30th anniversary items with our daily gratitude for our customers.
If you are interested please contact us at
Because the supplies are limited, contact us as soon as possible!

30th anniversary T-shirts.
We have 2 types of logo, and 3 colors (charcoal / black / gray) available.

Production of the Applibot, Inc.’s general meeting of employees opening video

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We have produced an opening video for the Applibot, Inc.’s general meeting of employees.
We made a short story focusing on a little robot character, who tries to learn new things by watching the employees work.
At the end of the story, the robot character accomplishes to make a new logo for the company.
For the climax scene, we mixed computer graphics and live footage of the assembly hall.

Applibot, Inc.’s homepage

Production of a presentation video for the Goo’s Smartphone “g06” press release

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The 6th generation of goo’s SIM free smartphone, “g06” was released from NTT Resonant Inc. September 6th 2016.
We produced a presentation video for it’s press release.

“g06” is a 4-inch compact size, low price LTE Smartphone, with so many variations in color!
We have made the video in a vigorous tone, using 3D computer graphics.

To read more about Goo Smartphone “go5″