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Osaka Rockstar Hotel reformed into a Daido Moriyama Art Space in December 24th, 2015

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Under the supervision of Akio Nagasawa Publishing/Gallery and photographer Daido Moriyama, Euphonic and PLEXUS worked together to produce and art direct the renewal of Osaka Rock Star Hotel.
We supported on the design and technical side.

The project started in summer of 2015 under the direction of Akio Nagasawa, starting from a practical inspection of the hotel and the blueprint. All the work started from the draft, aligning the photographic works of Daido Moriyama on the blueprint to see how we could extend the idea. Then we moved into the next stage creating the 3 dimensional image by computer graphics, discussing the technical problems with the actual construction team.

* Before simulating with 3D computer graphics, we repeatedly simulated in 2D referencing the blueprints.


* We transformed the designs, which was decided over the numerously repeated 2D simulations, to 3D computer graphics. Then we considered from many different angles.


3D CG simulation (left) and photo of the completed interior (right).

More detailed information about Moriyama Daido and the Osaka Rock Star Hotel’s collaboration see PLEXUS’s website.

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